Writing for Love:
Because your Soul’s Expression
is an Offering to Life

Hey writer, I’ve something to share with you…

Looking back at the best pieces of writing I’ve done, I see one thing in common about them:

I didn’t write them for anyone else.

I wrote them for Love, out of Love.

Some I wrote as an offering to the Light ✨, as a gift to the Divine.

Some I wrote as an expression of the energy of Love ❤️ that was just flowing through me, as an impulse that animated my hands.

None I wrote to be validated for, to be praised, to impress others with how good I was.

And these are the pieces I’m most happy with – when I finish writing them, looking back, I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, as if I’ve finally created a sacred offering ? for the altar of Love.

A lot of these pieces have gone into my book Songs of the Rose: Mystical, Medicinal Poetry of the Feminine Heart.

Some pieces have received praises and positive comments from others that they really loved them. My partner even said that one of my posts gave him writer’s envy. ?

Yet some have hardly had any likes, comments or engagement at all.

And it doesn’t matter to me.

Because when I set out to write them, I didn’t write for the likes and validation.

This is why writing has remained so easy, joyful and effortless for me all these years.

❤️Because, I write FOR Love.

Writing to me is an act of devotion, of self-expression, of self-pleasure, by one being so ecstatically drunk with the wine of love that writing just pours out.

When I really saw this, I was so excited. I knew this is an art and a magical experience I wanted to create and facilitate for others.

So, let me introduce you to…

Writing for Love?

A 12-week, intimate immersion for those who feel the call to fall back in love with writing, express their souls through the written words, and create momentum in writing or finishing the work they love, be it a book, ebook, blog, music, or passion project. 

Think of it as a 12-week couples’ retreat for you and your Muse 😉

I’m looking for 5 souls who feel the calling to join me on this magical, breathtaking adventure into the art of writing FOR Love.

Just as every book has a 1st edition, this edition of Writing for Love is a pilot version before I open it to a much larger audience. In fact, when the vision came to me, I saw 40-50 people taking the program at the same time. However, a semi-private immersion is what feels right for me at this stage of creation.

Would you like to be one of these few souls who get to be the very first explorers of Writing for Love?

The level of intimate support and guidance from me will be almost as good as if you were to have my 1:1 coaching.

At the same time, you’ll be enveloped in this energetic field of creativity and inspired, heartfelt, artistic momentum in a group with the same intention.

Twice a month we’ll come together for group coaching calls where you’ll bring your writing challenges for support from me and as others, as well as receive bonus wisdom as you listen to me coaching others.

Twice a month we’ll have our Writers’ Hour (1 private to the group, 1 open to the public) where you’ll dive into your innermost corners to write in silence in the company of others – the synergy of the group field is extremely powerful – and at the end you’ll get to share a glimpse of your soul with them (only if you choose to).

✨ To top it off, you’ll also get 1 private 1:1 session with me (yes you’ll get to have me all to yourself for a full 50 minutes and ask anything you want).

What about in between?

✨ All the video lessons are pre-recorded and accessible to you at all times to give you guidance in the creative process. This way, we’ll save lots of time on coaching calls going over things that can be explained in a lesson. And yes, all teaching videos are yours to keep for life.

✨ The goodness doesn’t end there. I’m enrolling the help of my beloved, partner-in-creation, multiple times published-author, executive coach Phil Goddard to run a group training and Q&A call just for us. His specialty is in Loving Writer’s Block 😉

And a really SPECIAL OFFER for the FIRST 5 SOULS who join me:

Twice a month, you’ll also receive personal review and feedback on your writing as all my 1:1 clients enjoy, at NO EXTRA charge – this is done on top of and outside the group coaching calls so doesn’t take up group coaching time.

Wow. Honestly. I’m so excited to create this for you. It’s that energy of Love again, and it’s showing up as enthusiasm, excitement, aliveness, exhilaration, even a ravenousness of “can’t wait to dive into it!!”



So… to summarize things in a more linear way for the left-sided part of your brain to grasp…

When you join Writing for Love semi-private immersion, you’ll receive:

A 12-week super intimate container with me and a handful of other like-hearted souls (there’s a chance I may run 2 separate groups for 2 different time zones, and each group will have no more than 9 people)

❤️ 2 x month group coaching calls (6 calls in total)

❤️ 2 x month Writers’ Hour to write in the group synergy (6 calls in total)

❤️ 1 x 50-minute 1:1 session with me

❤️ All pre-recorded video lessons on Writing & Creativity

❤️ FOR THE FIRST 5 SOULS: 2 x month personal review and feedback on your writing (6 asynchronous videos)


✨ 1 x group training & Q&A call with guest expert

✨ Access to all other events I’m running during the duration of the program

✨ Library of Creative Activations & visualizations to “download” content of your book effortlessly and magically (priceless! I cannot put a price tag on my quantum gifts!)

✨ Recordings of my past writing immersion “6 Dates with Your Muse: Writing the Book of Your Soul with Magic” (valued £595) to start immediately when you sign up.


There are 5 main modules to my signature “Muse Whispering method“, each module will contain a few short lessons:

?Creating the space for the Muse

?Getting naked with the Muse

?Leaning in your Soul-centered support (eco)system

?Unlocking the quantum power of your writing

?Harnessing the structure of creativity

?Plus BONUS Surprise Training & Q&A call with our guest expert

Think about this for a moment…

What would you love to have written in 12 weeks?

Is there a book, an ebook, a blog, a writing project you’ve been working on, starting and stopping, or putting on the back burner?

Here’s what I know:

When you write for love:

✨Through writing, you express your soul.

?Through writing, you activate your highest creative expressions.

?Through writing, you bring your soul’s art and wisdom to the world.

?Through writing, you create yourself anew.

?Through writing, you touch and uplift humanity and anchor the New Earth frequency for all.

This is why I love writing and helping others write!

This immersion is for you, if there’s wisdom, life stories, unearthed jewels within you, stirring and whispering, waiting to be gleaned and wanting to be shared. You’re the willing vessel, and you want support, guidance and accountability to write in a way that feels joyful, easy, natural, which is the way of Love and in alignment with your soul.

Jo Dyer
Flower Essence Therapist & Poet, UK
Within 10 months of starting to work with Emily, my book was finished and in the process of being prepared for publication. How wonderful is that?
Initially, I thought my book would take me at least another 2 or 3 years. I also felt that it was something separate from my work, therefore, finding time to work on the book felt heavy and daunting.
With Emily’s help, I discovered a way to integrate writing the book with my business that feels so natural, aligned, and really exciting. I felt so much more in love with my book and the process of creating it.
During the time I worked with Emily, I felt really connected to my creativity and my life changed. [This created] such a huge wave of positive energy that would produce new ideas, create more possibilities; not just for writing this book, but for more books and other projects related to my business. My book, my business and my life became one and the same. I delivered my first online retreat and created a new physical product that I’ve actually started to sell!
It was as if I stepped into a totally new landscape of my life – a landscape that was so spacious and expansive and very exciting.
Emily has incredible intuitive ability which enables her to ask you the most pertinent and very useful questions that invite you to play with and explore your ideas, your blocks and resistance. She is also warm-hearted, open and has an infectious effervescent energy. Emily uses some great visualisations to help you connect with your creativity and your project. I found that every session brought valuable insights and was really motivational.
Rachel Singleton
Transformational Coach & 3Ps Teacher, UK

Having Emily’s support as I write my current book The Conscious Practitioner is proving to be the most beautiful experience.

One thing that I continue to feel amazed and gladdened by every time is the way she clarifies, and brings more deeply into form, that which I am trying to say. It feels like she does something mystical and alchemical that causes my burgeoning insights and revelations to truly ‘land’. As I talk to her, I am aware that my ideas are still coming into being, still manifesting, still finding their way into words – and then she plucks them and brings them in more fully. It is extraordinary. Emily constantly and unwaveringly does this! She has an extraordinary gift of listening for and alchemically ‘translating’ the formless into form.  I love that I can trust this to happen whenever I speak to her about another area of the book that I am exploring.


Helen Turier
Reflexologist, UK

In our first session, Emily pulled out the clarity and consistency in the message of my book. The creative ways she used have opened my mind to gems of brilliance inside the book that I wasn’t aware were there before. She also strengthened my commitment to getting it done!

In our ongoing time together, she helps me overcome blocks, barriers, limiting beliefs, allowing me to tap into creativity and also holding me accountable for the goals I have set for myself. She’s helped me create a clear structure for the book to flow coherently as well as several ways to make it more compelling for readers.

With Emily’s creativity and intuition, I have become more creative and playful in the writing. Now I’ve got a deeper, richer book that’s more inspirational and helpful to my audience.

Ilia Kontou
Homeopathic Doctor, Greece

I had been struggling for years to find the title of my book. I was writing for three years, but something crucial was missing and that was the title! Emily with her wisdom guided me to connect on a deeper level with my creativity and the title just revealed itself. Then through this deeper connection, the chapters were revealed to me, the format, the drawings, the cover, all the ingredients of the book just fell in the right place.

The experience with Emily was very spiritual and led me to a real epiphany. She is a real doula helping people deliver their spiritual product in this world. Thank you Emily, the world needs your gifts!


Early bird: £350/month for 3 monthly payments, or £950 pay in full by Jan 26

Regular price: £400/month for 3 monthly payments, or £1,111 pay in full AFTER Jan 26.


And of course, the first 5 souls who join will receive 2 x month personal review and feedback on your writing (6 asynchronous videos) at NO EXTRA charge (this alone is worth £1,200, but is actually priceless).

You see, I envision “Writing for Love” to eventually have open enrollment at the start of every month, as my vision is to create a community of creative writers who write for Love. (I’ll keep a maximum of 9 participants per call for the first 12 weeks.)

The first 5 people who join will get 2 x month personal review and feedback on their writing from me, but I won’t be able to do it for anyone else after that, as I only have the bandwidth to offer individual feedback to maximum 5 people at any one time. Later on, as the program is offered to more people, this will become a premium feature for VIP clients. So, if you join now, you’ll get to enjoy this premium level of support from me at no extra charge.



What you can count on me for…

❤️ A creative process that brings both the Soul and the Structure together, fine-tuned from the experience of self-publishing my own book “Songs of the Rose: Mystical, Medicinal Poetry of the Feminine Heart” and working with several clients.

❤️ If your book is about storytelling, I’m your go-to guide! I’ve been telling stories on stage since age 4 and have won several public speaking contests. I actually study and analyze for my own interest: What makes a great story?

❤️ I get you and the essence of what you really want to share, and I can help translate that essence into words even before you can articulate it 😉

❤️ Intuitive ability to tune in to the Soul of your Book to relay divinely-guided information along the way that sets your book apart while making the process joyful for you.

❤️ A keen eye for good writing. It was my profession to help my students write clear, powerful essays to gain admission to US Ivy League colleges. Obviously, you’re not here to write college essays or thesis, but the principles of good writing for coherence, clarity and impact remain. Do you know my published-author partner still runs his writing through me often? 😉

❤️ If you’re an awakened soul, we probably speak the same language 😉 My familiarity with and knowledge in the areas you’re writing about will give you insights from a reader’s point of view.

Caroline Tremayne
Voice Artist, Australia

My Creative Inception with Emily was a powerful process that gave me a broader overview and aerial shot of what I’ve created to date, the potentiality of my vision, and practical functionality in the marketplace.

It has allowed my creativity to flourish, giving me the confidence and clarity with a simple step-by-step process to bring my vision to life, emerging on the online world platform.

It’s great to have an idea and a want to make a difference in the world, but it takes a team of like-minded people to assist in this creative process.

It took Emily to assist me and identify the next steps for me to take to arrive at completion.

Thank you Emily for enabling me to bring my vision to life.

Lisa Berkovitz
Soul Mastery Coach, Toronto, Canada
Before my sessions with Emily, I had started writing my book, but was inconsistent with it. I was second-guessing my process, and some elements of how I wanted the book to be. That was causing me to feel frustrated, and like there was no easy way to get the book done.
After working with Emily, my path for the book became clear, and I realized that I had my own unique way of bringing it into form, which is also the same way I’ve successfully created other things in the past. I now feel clear, focused and confident about writing the book.
I would say to anyone thinking of working with Emily to take the leap if it feels right to you. She has a heart of gold, a clear passion for helping birth people’s books, and a unique gift for helping you become clear on the book that comes from your Soul, written in the way that’s true and right for you.
Charlene Blaine Schulenburg
TV Producer, Filmmaker, Actress, Philanthropist, Hawaii

Before I met Emily, I had an idea. That was it. I had a bunch of things written in a pile, not knowing what to do with any of it.

Let me count the ways that Emily has helped me…oh, that’s right, I can’t count them because there are too many of them! To sum it up, Emily gets invested in you… in your writing. There’s no other way to say it. She sees things organically and can help you because she cares so much about each and everyone one of her clients.

Emily has also become a friend. A friend that knows all my secrets. She has a magical way of getting inside my head, not because I’ve told my secrets to her but because she’s listened so carefully and lovingly that she’s figured them out. She figured me out, and she’s helping me figure out my writing, my story, my manuscript… and everything is SAFE with her. Forever grateful for being led to Emily Nature.

If ANYONE is thinking of writing, Emily is the one for you. She’s the writing angel with tools and a heart that speaks from her loving soul.

If your heart calls you…

to receive my support in writing from your soul, writing with love and for Love, connect with me on a free 30-minute Creative Diagnosis call to find out if the immersion is for you.

In this call, we’ll zero in on identifying your creative kryptonite, what’s blocking your writing process, and what would allow the process to unfold with love for you. We’ll also explore whether the immersion is going to be a fit for you.

There is NO OBLIGATION to join, so if you feel the pull but you’re not sure, just book the call! In our conversation, it will be obvious to you whether this is for you or not.

Simply click the button below to book a Creative Diagnosis call with me.