Express your Soul
through the Art of Writing

YOU are a song, a sacred text, a feast, a work of art.

I’m here to help you translate your magical essence into the written words.

Through writing, you activate your highest creative expressions.
Through writing, you bring your soul’s art and wisdom to the world.
Through writing, you create yourself anew.

Come savor the hidden scent and music of life with me.

Taste a slice from the fruit of my poetry.

Listen in to the secret knowledge of all the ages transmitted to me by the Sun, a grain of Salt,
or other natural elements.

Have you read my book?

From heartbreak to longing, from faint whispers at midnight to exaltations at sunrise, from love spells for oneself to letters to God and even transmissions from Source—the feminine heart illuminates a vast landscape of waters, shimmering to be seen, trembling to be heard.

Every woman is a rose, and this book Songs of the Rose, written under my pen name Emily Nature, is an invitation to travel into the innermost corners of her being.

Explore the Book
Emily Book


Is there a book in you that is the deepest expression of your heart and soul?
Merging Spirituality, Practicality & Creative Principles, we will facilitate the inception, incubation and birth of that book into the world in the most joyful way!

A magical, life-changing journey to birth your creative brainchild.
An alchemical process to receive the Golden Blueprint of that book you’ve always wanted to bring into the world.

What Others Say...

Elora will embrace you unreservedly and completely in friendship, mentorship and community.
A feminine force sowing the alchemical seeds and frequencies of the celestial and human experience.
An intimate tactician for the harmonisation of the mind and soul.
A blessed friend and reciprocal mentor that has my heart.

Mia Paul
Spiritual Revolutionary

Elora’s authentic nature is a breath of fresh air for our world today. She holds a divine essence of pure love, joy, beauty and wisdom, which makes her an absolute pleasure to be around.

We could all benefit from having someone like Elora in our life. She is a leading light of inspiration and hope for all who are looking to deepen their connection with their own uniqueness and magic. Thank you Elora for being just the way you are.

Zac Hawkes
Regenerative Detox Specialist

Elora is a beautiful embodiment of the divine feminine energy, with a strong connection to Spirit and a profound relationship with the natural world. She is a talented weaver of words and I always enjoy reading her works!

Alice Whitehead
Educator, Founder of Orenda Learning