Words and Voice are divine tools
for the activation of one’s innate knowledge of Self.

Channeling the Highest Frequencies of Nature

I feel deeply connected to natural living elements such as water, sunlight, plants, flowers, planets, stars… They have in store so many messages to awaken the fully-remembering human in all of us. We are surrounded with natural allies all around! Clues are left everywhere around the whole Universe, as catalysts to awaken the dormant knowledge within every soul!

There is so much information available to us, not seen by the naked eye or heard by the naked ear. I call it “the inaudible music of life.” So much wisdom is contained in this music, guiding us to a life of more harmony, more peace, more ease, more in alignment with our True Nature.

With these transmissions, I’m bringing to the foreground what’s behind the veil, making visible the invisible, making tangible the inaudible, so that we can harness it for the creation of our most magnificent life.

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The Sun Is God

  • The one channel that’s constantly streaming cosmic information to us
  • How to activate the knowledge of our true origin as Divine Beings that lies dormant in all the cells of our bodies
  • Sources of nourishment that help us embody more God-like qualities

The Mysticism of Salt

  • Salt is electricity.
  • Salt is magic: powering energy, aliveness, wakefulness.
  • Salt counterbalances a sugar-laden diet in this modern world which depresses many people and puts us to sleep.
  • The importance of eating a variety of different salt.


  • Why it’s important to eat your foods energetically first before consuming the physical calories
  • Where to find qualities of regeneration, immortality, youthfulness, clarity
  • One simple thing to do that helps us consume less, yet feel more satiated and satisfied


  • 2 principles of Wealth that underlie whole fabric of the Universe
  • The ONLY one source of all wealth, abundance and resources
  • Why it can feel sooo hard to ‘make money’