I am poetry, embodied, in motion.

Songs of the Rose
-The Mystical, Medicinal Poetry of the Feminine Heart

AVAILABLE in PAPERBACK & DIGITAL – This is the book written under my pen name Emily Nature

Hop on a boat for a ride along this river of songs, rest your oars and let the music carry you into the mystical chambers of the feminine heart.

The songs of one woman are the songs of all women. The silent music in one heart is the silent music in all hearts. Every woman is a rose, and this book is an invitation to travel into the innermost corners of her being.

From heartbreak to longing, from faint whispers at midnight to exaltations at sunrise, from love spells for oneself to letters to God and even transmissions from Source—the feminine heart illuminates a vast landscape of waters, shimmering to be seen, trembling to be heard.

Let the rose sing to you. In mystical traditions, the rose has always been a symbol of the Divine Feminine, of love, and of the union between Lover and the Beloved.

Whether you are a man who endeavors to understand the women in your life better, or a woman who seeks to connect with a deeper part of yourself, the rose’s songs in this book have something magical to offer you. There is medicine and mystery concealed within the folds of her petals, waiting for the devoted heart to discover.

Explore this book leisurely, at your own pace, maybe from the extremities to the center, or front to back and then the other way around, the way you would make love to your most tender, magnificent self. May you find the luminous secret hidden within the rose of your own heart.

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