I distill the aroma and
give words to the inaudible music of life.

Beloved, life is sweeter when we all sing our Soul’s music


I’m Elora Nature and I’m a…
published author,
channel for natural elements,
creative alchemist,
Book doula & whisperer.

My mission here on the planet is to support and activate you into the highest expressions of your Creativity, so that you can bring your soul’s messages into form.

I am the custodian of your highest Creative Potential.

I am passionate about creating a New Earth for humanity, whether that’s through helping other conscious changemakers write their paradigm-shifting books, or being a conduit for new energies that have not been transmitted to Earth before.

The people who work with me are established spiritual teachers and conscious practitioners who want to write books to distill the essence of their work, life wisdom and knowledge, so that they can uplevel their impact in the world and facilitate transformation for humanity.

I help people to connect with the souls of their books and write in the most joyful and magical way, through content development, creative activation and guidance.


My first published book, Songs of the Rose: Mystical, Medicinal Poetry of the Feminine Heart (written under the pen name Emily Nature), is a culmination of my love for words, nature, music, and the force of love itself.

I feel deeply connected to natural living elements such as water, sunlight, plants, flowers, mountains, planets, stars… They speak to me often with messages that help awaken the fully-remembering human in all of us! So much wisdom is contained in this music, guiding us to a life of more harmony, more peace, more ease, more in alignment with our True Nature.

My jam is simply this: Living a creatively-oriented life, surrounded by nature; fully expressing the essence of my soul through writing, music, and arts; channeling higher wisdom; activating others into their highest creative expressions, helping them tune into timely, relevant guidance from the unseen.

I have always loved writing from a young age and have become a very prolific writer. Also, since the age of 4, I’ve already started singing, dancing, storytelling, public speaking and performing in front of an audience.

My relationship with music is quite a special one… Despite having no music training, I am very in tune with sound vibrations, rhythms, mantras and sacred songs from different traditions… and most importantly, “the inaudible music of life” or the “music of the Spheres” as Plato put it.

When it comes to drawing and painting, I started again quite late in life. After decades of hiding behind the story of being totally incapable of it, I stumbled upon the joy of painting and drawing as accompaniment for my written poetry… and now am dipping my toes in it again.


When it comes to my work as a Book Whisperer and Doula, what I’m really passionate about is helping others attune to and translate their Soul’s whispers into words.

I shine a light on what’s been in the background and bring it to the foreground so that it can be transformed. I see unspoken patterns, invisible dynamics and unrealized potential, helping you receive cues from the unseen by your own Genius, so that you can fully express the music of your Soul and create your most magnificent masterpiece.

Nothing delights me more than seeing your books and creative projects being birthed into the world!

If you’re curious, click here to see how I might be able to help you WRITE THE BOOK OF YOUR SOUL.

The Official Bio

Elora Nature is a writer, published author, book doula and creative alchemist. She supports established spiritual teachers and conscious practitioners in writing books to distill the essence of their life wisdom, so that they can uplevel their impact in the world and create a New Earth for humanity.

A custodian for people’s creative potential, Elora intuitively sees the greatest possibilities for unborn books and activates others into the highest expressions of their creativity. Her zone of genius is in helping clients effortlessly download the content of their books from the purest source and shift from feeling blocked and resistant to flow and ease. With her guidance, they get to connect with the souls of their books and write in the most joyful, magical way.

Often traversing mystical realms and then wafting their scents back to this plane, Elora rejoices in giving words to the inaudible music of life. Few things light her up more than being in communion with nature and channeling nature’s secrets to activate the fully-remembering human.

Elora’s career experience spans from Asia to Europe. She’s taught English and intercultural communication in high schools, managed ad campaigns for numerous multinational companies, run her online business as a relationship and intimacy coach, helped other entrepreneurs with marketing and copywriting. She’s also managed the operation of a restaurant and a boutique spa, run a team of 50+ staff, been in charge of sales, marketing and community development for a sustainable eco city.

At heart, Elora is a lover and explorer of language, poetry, music, sensuality, cultures and human relationships. She can often be found swimming in waterfalls, rivers, lakes and the ocean, singing angelic songs, picking apples on organic farms, or slurping a bowl of hot noodle soup anytime, anywhere.

A published author of the book Songs of the Rose: Mystical, Medicinal Poetry of the Feminine Heart (written under the pen name Emily Nature), Elora passionately supports the creation of paradigm-shifting books in the world.