6 Dates with Your Muse:
Writing the Book of Your Soul
with Magic


❣️You’re bursting to share your message with the world, with so much wisdom and knowledge collected from your life and business journey.

❣️You’ve started writing your book, but it hasn’t flowed, and it’s missing the spark.

❣️You’re looking for leveraged ways to have deeper impact, wider reach, more income, and you know that a book allows you to do exactly that.

❣️You know YOUR book is a potent medicine that can uplift humanity.

❣️You want to get the book written in a strategic way that also feels fun, joyful, easy, and aligned with your soul.

Then this experience is for you!


You’ll be going on a date with your Muse for 6 days 🙂

6 x 1-hour videos to savor at your own pace

❤️Date 1: Uncover the hidden power of your book

❤️Date 2: Harness the masculine and feminine principles of creation to write with ease

❤️Date 3: Identify your creative kryptonite and avoid the pitfalls most budding authors make

❤️Date 4: Meet the Spirit of your Book and download your book’s vibrational template

❤️Date 5: Kick the writer’s block and court the Muse

❤️Date 6: Enjoy the journey of becoming a published author


Other things we will cover:

✨ The traps that will keep your book on the backburner forever and how to avoid them

✨ How to take hard work, pressure and creative blocks out of writing

✨ The easiest and most effective way to write a book

✨ The #1 thing that makes the greatest difference to my book and all of my clients’ books

✨ Simple ways to awaken to the flow state for your best writing to come through

✨ What makes your book unique and what you should be writing more about


PLUS, Limited-Time BONUS

CREATIVITY’S DEEP POCKETS: A conversation with Jo Dyer, my client, whose book was published in December 2021. We dive into the magical creative journey of her writing the book.

If you’re an aspiring author, follow Jo’s footsteps and hear her share what has made some of the pivotal differences in getting her book out. This will inspire you to look at what you can do differently for your book.

– What’s allowed Jo to move from “I’m too busy with my business and I have no time to write this book” to having it published way sooner and more joyfully than she’d thought?

– What’s possible when your creativity is activated to higher levels and fully explored?

– Can your own creative potential take you by surprise?

– What nuggets of gold, gems, jewels and financial opportunities will you find in Creativity’s deep pockets?

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