Creative Inception & Blueprint

for Your Book


Creative Inception & Blueprint is a one-on-one alchemical process, merging Spirituality, Practicality & Creative Principles, where you will:

✨ Uncover the energetic signature of your book (what makes it stand out from thousands of other books written on the same topic)

✨ Start tracing the Golden Thread of your book (the structure that will weave all the bits and pieces together into a coherent theme)

✨ Download a blueprint of your book from a higher perspective

✨ Receive intuitive guidance from the Spirit of your book to move through writing blocks that have been holding you back.

The process includes:

❤️ 1-hour video of essential teaching, activation & transmission to help you understand the greatest leverage point for your book (to be watched before our first session).

❤️ 1-hour Creative Inception & Blueprint 1:1 session to download the golden blueprint of your book and a lot more magic

❤️ My review and feedback on a few pieces of your writing beforehand (up to 10 A4 pages), to have a feel for your style and tune into the energetic signature of your book.

The session is tailored to you, whether you haven’t written anything yet, but have lots of ideas and would like support to get started in the right direction, or you’ve already written stuff and would like feedback and suggestions.


????You’re writing or sitting on a book

????You’d like assistance to fully express the music of your Soul into a book that would bring more light, love and beauty into the world

????You want to write with joy and ease

????You have some initial ideas for the book and might have written something, but feel stuck or don’t know where to go next

????Your writing is in limbo as you’ve put it on the back burner, waiting for “the right time”

????You have an inkling that there are gems in your writing that have not been uncovered


I’m really passionate about helping you bring your book into the world, so that you can feel the joy and fulfillment of fully expressing your creative energy that’s far beyond just business success.

What I’ll Bring:

❤️ My unwavering knowing of Your Creative Genius.

❤️ My intuitive ability to tune into the highest vision, highest potential and energetic signature of your book

❤️ My ability to laser in unspoken patterns and dynamics that might be blocking your creative process, bringing to the foreground what’s behind the veil.

❤️ My vast experience and understanding of the creative process, having self-published my own book, created poetry arts, written songs, learned to play music and taken up painting at a very late age.

What You’ll Bring:

❤️ Your willingness to listen to your creative desire and commitment to bringing it into form.

❤️ Your openness to being connected to something non-linear, unknowable, bigger, more intelligent than your own mind.

❤️ Your innate desire to play, explore and have fun!


Some unexpected things people have also gotten in these sessions:

✨ Got clear on the structure or framework for their books, including title and chapters
✨ The writing process became so much more fun and joyful
✨ Discovered their blindspots
✨ Knew what to focus on in writing



Up to now, people who would like to work with me have only the option of the private 6-month Book Incubator program (£2,500), or a group immersion that I run once a year (ranging from £1,111 to £1,666).

For the first time, I’m having this initiatory offering available as a much smaller, more accessible investment.

If your heart calls you to receive my support to fully express the your Soul through the art of writing and do so with joy and magic, the Creative Inception & Blueprint for Your Book session might be for you.

Click on the link below to fill out a short questionnaire and request a complimentary 20-min call with me to explore where you’re at with your writing, and if my support is going to be of highest service to you. I’ll then get back to you to arrange a time for the call.

Alternatively, you can also email me at

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