Birth Your Creative Project
Produce, Complete, and Share it with the World


Is there a burning creative desire inside you? Are you a business owner who is successful and fulfilled in your work, but still feeling a nagging sense that something’s missing in life?

Is there a book, arts, music, culinary, or nature-inspired project that you really want to bring into the world, but you’re up against these challenges?

? You may have some bits and pieces here and there but never get around to bringing them together to completion.

? You start and stop, start and stop, having many “false” attempts of completion, or you feel stuck at a particular point and can’t move forward.

? You don’t think you have what it takes, you’re terrible at it, or it’s just not for you

? You have some ideas but quickly dismiss them as they feel too big and overwhelming.

? You think it might be too late to start, it’s gonna be too much work, it’s not worth it, nobody’s gonna want it, and you just don’t want to make a fool of yourself.

? You have an inkling there has got to be more to life than this.

? You secret want to feel a little bit more fun, juiced up and alive.

Then you’re in the right place!


I will help you bring your creative projects into the world for the pure joy of expression, so you will feel that your life is so much more than just about business success.

There’s an opportunity for us to work closely together, in support of your creative process, to accomplish ONE specific mission:

To produce and complete a creative project that you’re proud of, and then share it with the world.

I get so enlivened and excited about facilitating book, arts, music, culinary, and nature-inspired projects. However, if your creative genius is in another area, just let me know!


Creativity is NOT optional. It is the essence of Your Being.

YOU are creative energy in action. Creativity is vital to your well-being, sense of aliveness, purpose and fulfillment in life.

When your creative energy flows, everything in your life flows. Money, health, relationships, they all transform and flourish by the flow of creative energy.

Following your creative impulses is not linear: it is akin to following the breadcrumb trail to a magnificent life that you might’ve never dared imagine. Your life will change in the most profound, miraculous way that you can’t see from here!

From my firsthand experience, creating for the PURE JOY of creative expression has changed my life more thoroughly and magically than anytime I tried to do it with an agenda in mind.

I wrote my book for my own pleasure and enjoyment, yet it has touched and moved many others and has become a gift to the world. In the publishing of it, new connections have been made, new doors of opportunities have been opened, new business ideas and ventures arrived, I started seeing possibilities I’d never seen before. This would have not happened if I had not committed to publishing the book!

It is a real gift to yourself, to give yourself the permission to create something from your heart and your Genius, for the pure joy of expression. This is where MAGIC happens!

Watch this video for the full explanation.


I invite you to a Creative Inception session with me—A one-on-one alchemical process, merging Spirituality, Practicality & Creative Principles, where you will:

✨ See, hear, smell, touch, and feel the tangible end result of a creative project that is deeply aligned with your true essence, that you’ll be filled with excitement and enthusiasm to start creating

✨ Identify your creative kryptonite which is blocking your project from being birthed into completion

(This is especially useful if you’ve had some ideas or made some start to the process but then got stuck and can’t move forward.)


What I’ll Bring:

❤️ My unwavering knowing of Your Creative Genius.

❤️ My intuitive ability to tap into the unseen, attune to, decode, and translate the whispers of your Creative Genius, as well as laser in unspoken patterns and dynamics that might be blocking your creative process. I’ll be bringing to the foreground what’s behind the veil, so that you can harness it for your most magnificent creation.

❤️ My vast experience and understanding of the creative process, having self-published my own book, created poetry arts, written songs, learned to play music, and, despite having been told as a kid that I was an example of what not to do in arts, taken up painting at a very late age.

❤️ Extensive background in business, marketing, communication, human psychology and coaching to help you take consistent, practical steps in your creative process.

What You’ll Bring:

❤️ Your willingness to listen to your creative desire and commitment to bringing it into form.

❤️ Your openness to being connected to something non-linear, unknowable, bigger, more intelligent than your own mind.

❤️ Your innate desire to play, explore and have fun!

If your heart calls you…

to receive my support in birthing your creative project into the world and doing it joyfully, please request a free Creative Inception call with me. Right now I’m taking on only a handful of select 1-on-1 clients.

In this call, we will help you get in touch with a clear, high level vision for your project, gain clarity on what it needs in order to deliver its greatest impact, and explore whether we are a fit to make it happen together.

Click the button below and fill out a short questionnaire to give me a feel for where you’re at and what you need support with. If it seems like a fit for us to start, I will get back to you within 2 days to arrange the call.


What Clients Say...

What Clients Say...