Life has a lot more to give
than you can ever seek for yourself.

Illuminate with Soul FlashLight

“…it was a tilting
within myself
as one turns a mirror to flash the light to where
it isn’t–I was blinded like that—and swam
in what shone at me”

–Marie Howe


? Are you overthinking, over-analyzing, obsessively ruminating over a situation, trying to figure something out?

? Do you feel lost in the forest of life trying to navigate a way out?

? Is there something that’s been taking a lot of your time, energy and mental space?

? Do you want to have more clarity around a situation, to move in the right direction, to have a higher perspective over what’s really going on?

Then the ILLUMINATE with SOUL FLASHLIGHT reading is for you.

3 Things to Remember to Get the Most out of Your Reading

How It Works

In this intuitive reading, I will tune in to the wisdom of your Higher Self/Higher Intelligence/Soul and channel Its guidance specifically for YOU, tailor-made for YOU, to illuminate, shed light on, and bring clarity to YOUR exact situation.

You cannot find an answer from the level of consciousness that asks the question. In this reading, answers will be given to you from a higher perspective, from that part of you that’s connected to everything in time and space.

If you feel that you’ve been fumbling in the dark for a while, this reading will turn the light switch on for you!

People have used the SOUL FLASHLIGHT reading for questions such as:

✨ How do I make $x a year in my business?

✨ How do I find my soulmate? What’s blocking me?

✨ What direction to go in for my branding and marketing?

✨ Why do I keep fighting with my partner?
and more…

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I’m currently offering a limited number of readings every month, depending on my availability.