Creative Inception & Incubator

for Your Book


Book Whispering is a one-on-one alchemical process, merging Spirituality, Practicality & Creative Principles, where you will:

✨ See, hear, smell, touch, and feel the tangible end result of a book that is deeply aligned with your true essence, that you’ll be filled with excitement and enthusiasm to complete and publish

✨ Identify your creative kryptonite which is blocking your book from being birthed into completion, because conscious creating requires awareness

✨ Know the next step that you can take immediately to move closer to completion.

(This is especially useful if you’ve had some ideas or made some start to the book but then got stuck and can’t move forward.)


? If there’s a book that you really want to bring into the world, especially one that feels like an expression of your heart and soul

? If there’s burning creative desire inside you

? If you’re successful and fulfilled in your work, but still feeling a nagging sense that something’s missing in life

? If you have some ideas for the book but feel stuck and unable to move forward; if you have pieces scattered here and there but never bring them together to completion; if you start and stop, start and stop…

Then the Book Whispering session is for you!


I’m really passionate about helping you bring your book into the world, so that you can feel the joy and fulfillment of fully expressing your creative energy that’s far beyond just business success.

What I’ll Bring:

❤️ My unwavering knowing of Your Creative Genius.

❤️ My intuitive ability to attune to and translate the whispers of your Creative Genius, as well as laser in unspoken patterns and dynamics that might be blocking your creative process, bringing to the foreground what’s behind the veil.

❤️ My vast experience and understanding of the creative process, having self-published my own book, created poetry arts, written songs, learned to play music and taken up painting at a very late age.

❤️ Extensive background in business, marketing, communication, human psychology and coaching to help you take consistent, practical steps in your creative process.

What You’ll Bring:

❤️ Your willingness to listen to your creative desire and commitment to bringing it into form.

❤️ Your openness to being connected to something non-linear, unknowable, bigger, more intelligent than your own mind.

❤️ Your innate desire to play, explore and have fun!


Some unexpected things people have also gotten in these sessions:

✨ Got clear on the structure or framework for their books, including title and chapters
✨ The writing process became so much more fun and joyful
✨ Discovered their blindspots
✨ Knew what to focus on in writing

If your heart calls you…

to receive my support in writing the book of your Soul and doing it joyfully, please request a free Book Whispering call with me. It’s normally $288 however I’m offering 3 free spots in celebration of my birth month in June.

Click the button below and fill out a short questionnaire to give me a feel for where you’re at and what you need support with. If it seems like a fit for us to start, I will get back to you within 2 days to arrange the call.

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