What’s most exciting for my clients

(Especially the ones who were too busy to write their books…)

During the long lockdown in the UK in the pandemic, a client of mine was feeling very stagnant, but putting materials together for her book got her energy flowing again. She felt joy, vibrant, excited, proud of herself. She experienced a shift into happiness. This energy is magical.

I’m so excited for my clients when they’re plugged in to the stream of their creative energy, when they’re connected with it, swimming in it, basking in it, and letting it flow through them. That energy is joyful, nourishing, revitalizing, rejuvenating.

When you write your book, what you share with people is beyond all the tools, techniques, practices and information. Sure, they are extremely valuable… but beyond that, you are impacting people with your energy, with that energy of creativity, joy, intelligence, healing, nourishment and vitality that flows through you. This energy is magical. Being in this energy is magical, it is life giving and rejuvenating, not only for your future readers, but also for you. You want to be in it more often!!

You may think… I don’t have time and energy in my life for my creative project right now… well, what if… being engaged with your creative energy is exactly what you need atm, to let yourself be basked and submerged and swimming in that energy of joy, vitality, healing, and regeneration…?

When you feel down, stagnant, stuck, what if, instead of trying to figure out how to solve the problems of your life… you intend to engage more with your creative energy

“I’m so tired, I don’t have time to work on my book.” Well, what if engaging with the spirit of your book is that which revitalizes and nourishes and energizes you?

This is the core of what I’m doing: helping my clients connect with the magic of their creative energy. Allow them the experience of being deeply touched by their creative energy.

And that energy will do its magic. It is infinite wisdom and it will guide them the exact next steps with their books, will whisper in their ears the most Divine idea for a structure, will have the content flow through effortlessly, will tell them what to do, perfect for where they’re at, their businesses, their style, way way better than anything I could have come up for them or by copying what other people are doing. It will move them along the way so perfectly and divinely. My only job is to help them and facilitate for them to connect with that energy. It will do all the heavy lifting work.

At any given time, if it feels stagnant and stale, we just need to reconnect with the creative energy again. 

And this energy opens doors to so many other unexpected opportunities and invitations in other areas of your life and business too! It’s not just about your book. Creative energy is non-linear, remember? You might just find yourself creating a new product line or a new offering like a client of mine did!

If you’re considering receiving support for writing the book of your soul and taking it all the way to completion, reach out to me at hello (at) soulofthesun.art and we’ll see how I can help you get your book written in the most soul-aligned way.