Charlene Blaine Schulenburg

Before I met Elora, I had an idea. That was it. I had a bunch of things written in a pile, not knowing what to do with any of it.

Let me count the ways that Elora has helped me…oh, that’s right, I can’t count them because there are too many of them! To sum it up, Elora gets invested in you… in your writing. There’s no other way to say it. She sees things organically and can help you because she cares so much about each and everyone one of her clients.

Elora has also become a friend. A friend that knows all my secrets. She has a magical way of getting inside my head, not because I’ve told my secrets to her but because she’s listened so carefully and lovingly that she’s figured them out. She figured me out, and she’s helping me figure out my writing, my story, my manuscript… and everything is SAFE with her. Forever grateful for being led to Elora Nature.

If ANYONE is thinking of writing, Elora is the one for you. She’s the writing angel with tools and a heart that speaks from her loving soul.