Do you do any of this when you write:

– Edit yourself along the way: stop writing, scroll back to the top and read through it and edit what you’ve written

– Put pressure on yourself: give yourself a deadline (or buy into someone else’s deadline) that you must have something to show for it by a certain date

– Get distracted: either by what’s happening in your life that’s taking up your attention, or by shiny new ideas

– Feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of what needs to be written and done and then just throw in the towel

All of these are really common. All of my clients have done some version of these. Join the club!

The thing is, most people thought that all it took to write a book is a good idea, a Spirit-inspired download, a God-given guidance.

No, that’s just the beginning.

Yes, you start with receiving a “divine nudge” to write a book.

And then, it’s a constant process of Attunement (to Universal Mind/ SuperConscious/ Divine guidance), Action (implement the guidance received), and Adjustment (fine-tuning based on feedback en-route).

That’s why so many people say, “I know, I should really write a book about this!” (whatever the topic is) but only a fraction of them end up publishing their book.

Because they get detoured and re-routed and U-turned and diverted along the way.

This is why it is so helpful to have a coach, who has the experience of publishing their own book as well as helping others publish theirs.

Everything starts first with a thought. This is the inception of everything, whether a baby, a book, or any creation.

And then, for this creation to come into full physical form, or a book ready to be published and shared with the world, an ongoing process of attunement, action and adjustment is needed. We “mold” that clay material of “thought” in a very conscious way so that it finally turns into a sculpture.

Having coaching support makes so much difference to getting your book written with ease and joy. One of my clients thought it would take her 2-3 years to finish her book, instead, it took her only 10 months because of the coaching support she received.

If you’re considering receiving support for writing the book of your soul and taking it all the way to completion, reach out to me at hello (at) and we’ll see how I can help you get your book written in the most soul-aligned way.