Danielle Malone

“I came to Elora seeking help to get past a mental block on working on my [project]. I was feeling a lot of shame and embarrassment; it was like a a huge mountain that I couldn’t ever hope to surpass. At the end of the call, the same task seems like a mini-adventure… a tiny snack… chocolate… nourishment… something I can enjoy immediately. I feel comfy, safe, warm and smiling just thinking about it.

If I had to describe the session in one word, it would be: Progress. After the call, I see measurable signs of progress. I did things very differently from what I would normally do. A lot has changed. I feel rested, calm and at ease. I got confidence and focus.

If you’re looking to make definite, practical changes in your projects and in need of someone who is as firm and direct, as she is supportive and caring, you’ll benefit from working with Elora.”