What if you don’t have a clear writing style?

Many clients who are writing their books told me they didn’t feel confident about their writing style, the way they structure the sentences, the way it ‘sounds’.

“Is this good enough to be published? Seems my writing has no proper style.”

Can you relate?

But, writing, first and foremost, is never about your style. Some of the greatest and most impactful writers in the world (e.g. Rumi or Jack Kerouac) are the least concerned about their writing style.

In fact, do you know that all poems by Rumi were never “written”? He never sat down to write them. They came through him, aloud, in spoken words, while he was whirling in an ecstatic trance, deep in communion with the Divine. They were then recorded by his students.


What’s most important about your writing then?

It is the flow of spontaneous energy that comes through you.

That’s what makes the writing most impactful.

This energy carries a Divine Intelligence, a higher wisdom, a moving quality that wants to be expressed through you and reach the readers.

When you allow yourself to be the vessel and let this energy come through you, the best writing comes through. It is also the most touching, moving, awakening, impactful for readers.

This is how I write this post BTW 😉

If you’re considering receiving support for writing the book of your soul and taking it all the way to completion, reach out to me at hello (at) soulofthesun.art and we’ll see how I can help you get your book written in the most soul-aligned way.