Kundalini rising & Writing

Imagine being sound asleep in the middle of the night… suddenly electricity shot through your spine, and your body started convulsing wildly, involuntarily, your limbs flailed around uncontrollably. That would probably be quite a terrifying experience for anyone.

Fortunately I was already initiated into kundalini awakening almost four years ago – obviously, without asking for it.

The first time it happened happened, it was quite a big shock to my system. I mean, what on earth was that.

Some people may consider the very first intimate experience to be the most memorable or even shocking, but honestly, I think the first kundalini awakening would be it.

At least, with (consensual) intimacy, you know what you’re doing and getting into. But with kundalini rising, it just took you over in the middle of the night, most unexpectedly. Nobody could tell you what it was gonna be like, and there’s definitely no movie about it to “prime” you hahaha.

When my kundalini was first activated, it went on quite intensely and regularly for about the first 7 months. Then the frequency slowed down. It doesn’t happen so often now, but these days, when it does, I welcome these encounters of kundalini energy rising in the night as my dear, old friend.

“Oh hello! Here you are again! Okay let’s hang out for a bit. Haven’t seen you for ages.”

When my kundalini comes to “hang out” with me in the middle of the night, I don’t have very deep sleep obviously. However, there is a feeling of deep release and catharsis, as all the built up tension in my body and muscles gets released.

It’s quite fascinating to have an actual, embodied experience of a force bigger than me moving my body, but to realize that this force is not anywhere external but resides deep within the base of my spine. A deep-seated energy, in all meanings of the world. I’m literally sitting on that energy every day. It’s powerful; it’s humbling; it’s astonishing.

I don’t make much meaning out of these encounters other than enjoying the experience, much like having a Thai massage πŸ™‚ Sometimes these experiences come with luminous dreams, spiritual revelations, or poetry from higher realms.

This happened last night.

After the convulsion finally subsided, I could not go back to sleep anymore, so I turned on the bedside lamp and started writing.

This is one of those precious times when I know not to ignore the faint whisper of inspiration but to anchor it into form. What came through was so beautiful that I found myself wanting more! More from that source, whatever it is, please!

So, if you can’t sleep at night, if you’re lying awake for whatever reasons – doesn’t have to be a kundalini activation – it might be a really good time for writing.

Writing calms your mind, stills your heart, and best of all, helps you get back to sleep soon after, because writing releases all that static energy built up inside your system.

I didn’t think to mention this tip during my online event on How to Have a Writing Practice when You’re Super Busy πŸ˜‰ I still think it’s gold, and with this extra tip from me here, you’ll have no problem finding time to write πŸ˜‰ If you would like to watch the recording, let me know.