❣️Are you being loyal to your arts?

In my online event on How to Have a Writing Practice when You’re Super Busy, I mentioned a quote from Mary Oliver that had stopped me in my track:

“Creative work requires loyalty as complete as the loyalty of water to the force of gravity.”

If your creative idea is the seed, then this loyalty is the root that will create the tree, the branches, the flowers and the fruits of your writing practice. 

Watch this short video for some inquiries sparked by this that I shared with the participants on the call.



If you’d like the full recording of our discussion, you can get it here: subscribepage.io/writing-practice. If you’ve been feeling disconnected from the Muse lately and want to rekindle your connection with Her more effortlessly, this is going to help you!

Plus, I shared so many hacks on how to find ninja pockets of time to write, especially when it feels as if there’s no hour in the day for it.