Life is too short to write a book that you don’t love writing

In a coaching session last week, a client told me she wasn’t feeling too excited about a section of the book that she would need to write.

She knew it would be beneficial to include this section for the readers, however, the way to go about it had felt dreadful and felt like something she needed to do rather than enjoy, so she’d been procrastinating on it for a couple weeks.

In less than half an hour, we have found a way to write this section that feels totally enjoyable, exciting, and super aligned for her. Now she’s even looking forward to it! We even see ways in which this could dovetail so beautifully into the sharing of the book later on with a larger audience.

This is a very typical example of what often happens in a session with me and my clients.

I often joke that life is too short to write a book that you don’t love writing.

Also, the energy that you put into the writing process can be palpably sensed and felt by the readers.

It’s not only about the content and the words, but it’s about the energetic space you’re coming from when you write them.

So in my work with clients, an important part is coming up with creative ways that honor, elevate, and amplify this energetic space for the benefits of the writing, the writer and the readers alike.

Are you sitting on a book that you’ve wanted to write and publish, but it’s taking too long or feeling too hard? Maybe you’re unsure how to go about it in a way that feels aligned and joyful?

If you’re considering receiving support for writing the book of your soul and taking it all the way to completion, reach out to me at hello (at) and we’ll see how I can help you get your book written in the most soul-aligned way.