Phil Goddard

“In the immediate weeks after our session, I signed on a new client who appeared out of nowhere as if Spirit sent them to me. I wasn’t even aware that they existed; they just showed up. Also, since then, feedback from all other existing clients has been: “OMG, your coaching is amazing.”

Before working with Elora, I was entertaining so many ideas about what I could do in my business, which were simply distractions and out of alignment, taking me away from what I REALLY want to do. Now, my work feels very different to me. I’ve gotten back in touch with what it is about my work that excites me. I’ve gotten crystal clear on what I’m doing. I’m now inspired, energized to take actions, and more focused in my business, as I’ve let go of other ideas that weren’t in alignment with what’s in my heart.

What Elora does so well is helping me to be spiritually aligned in my business, which is bringing my whole heart and soul into it. In doing so, I’m in full flow with the creative energy of the universe and harnessing its focused potent force.”