The most important thing to keep in mind when writing your book

Are you writing non-fiction, poetry, or spirituality? Do you know what’s the most important thing to keep in mind when writing your book?

It’s actually not what most people think. It’s NOT:

X Your message
X Your knowledge or information
X Your writing style
X Readability
X What your audience wants

All of these are super important, of course, but one thing is more important above them all: The place you’re writing from.

Your book is a transmission from your consciousness to the readers. Hence, your energy, frequency, vibration is most important. The messages, techniques, tools, practices, info are just medium to carry and transmit this energy and frequency to the readers. And then, there’s grammar and style.

So you want to write from that place, naturally. Let it spill out of you onto the page. Connect with that energy before you write, so that the readers feel as if they’re sitting in the room with you. Maintain your natural voice.

I had a client who was a playful, humorous and fun wellness teacher, it was also captivating to hear her speak, and yet her writing did not reflect this. It was so monotonous and flat and it sounded like a thesis or research paper. I asked her, “Is this the way you teach your students?” “No,” she said. “Well then, why are you writing your book this way?” It was then that she realized why she had felt so blocked for a long time: When she wrote, she didn’t connect energetically with the space she would when she was teaching.

If you’re considering receiving support for writing the book of your soul and taking it all the way to completion, reach out to me at hello (at) and we’ll see how I can help you get your book written in the most soul-aligned way.