The Portals that Writing can Open Up for You

Writing is not really just about writing. It’s about being alive. It’s about allowing the creative life force energy that creates the Universe to flow through us, and the medium we choose in this case is words.

You will discover that once your creative energy is re-awakened, it has a ripple effect throughout all other areas of your life. Your business, your relationship, your health, your moods, and whatever else in your life. It will open up doors and horizons to places you’ve never dreamed of.

Once we’ve had the experience of immersing ourselves in this energy, it’s as if we re-learn or remember how to speak a language that’s innate and so natural to us.

We then naturally apply the same way of flowing this energy through us using other mediums if we so choose: cooking, gardening, painting, playing and making music, creating new businesses and products, envisioning new dreams, etc.

Creativity is non-linear. Its magic goes beyond what our rational mind can imagine or explain.

To allow yourself to be a channel for creativity through writing is to open ourselves up to the most healing, life-affirming, enriching and rejuvenating force in the Universe. It is to accept, to say yes to this treasure, this precious, wondrous gift that the Universe blesses us with right at your fingertips – literally. It is to experience that the energy emanated from your fingertips can wield and create worlds, not only for yourself but also for myriads of people across all time and space, people you don’t even know yet or who may not have even been born.

Through writing, you get to come home to your authentic self.

At the same time, through writing, you create yourself anew.

How miraculous is that?

And when life feels like a storm, writing is the oasis of calm that you can find refuge in, over and over again.

This has been my direct experience and the experience of several clients who worked with me.

So, dear one – if you’re writing, if you’re about to write, if you’re called to write, I’m so excited for you, for you’ll be embarking on this wondrous odyssey into the magic of your Creative Spirit and the treasure troves of your Muse.

And if anytime you want a guide, a keen pair of eyes, a clarifying force and a truth-teller on the journey, you know where to find me.

I write prolifically throughout my whole life, and writing is always a sheer joy, a pleasure, a passion. Writing is what I naturally do when I’m being most true to myself. Author of the book “Songs of the Rose: Mystical, Medicinal Poetry of the Feminine Heart,” I’m also a writing coach and a book doula, having helped hundreds of conscious changemakers and New Earth creators distill their soul’s art and wisdom into books that uplift humanity.

My specialty is in helping you write in a way that feels joyful, natural, effortless, and aligned with your soul, so that writing is not something that feels like a must, a burden, an obligation, but something you love and enjoy. Because, the energy in which you write is infused into your book, and the readers can feel that, too.

My specialty is in helping you discover a way to write that works for you, that’s also synergistic and complimentary with the rest of your life, so that writing is not just something to be compartmentalized, something extra that you need to do on top of everything else that you already have to do!

Just know, that possibility is real. 🙂