The Slow, Steady & Patient Path of Writing & Publishing Your Book

In a world where the idea of “having your book done in a week” gets touted around a lot, it’s no surprise that some writers feel an unnecessary sense of pressure and inadequacy.

Two months ago, my client Isabel Carter of Inside Out Dru Yoga released her book “The Wellness Almanac: 366 Days of Well-Being.”

Isabel is a glowing inspiration for those choosing the slow, steady, patient path with writing and sharing their books with the world.

Just now, I got her to share her tips for the writing process with the world, too.

Having been behind the whole process as her writing coach and book doula, I know for certain that this is not a book that was rushed out just so that she could say “I’ve published a book.” There is so much thoughtfulness and care in the process; Isabel wanted to make sure that what she wrote would be truly beneficial to others.

This 44-minute interview is filled with gems and golden nuggets that all those who endeavor to write, complete and publish their books will benefit from.

We discuss:

  • What is “The Wellness Almanac – 366 Days of Well-Being”? Who would benefit from reading it?
  • Isabel’s favorite tip from our work together – the one tip that really helped her get clear on the order and flow of the book
  • How did she find her own writing rhythm that worked for her? (Hint: by bringing what was most natural for her into her writing practice)
  • The power of consistency – how Isabel completed and eventually published her book just with 30 minutes a day
  • How did she create her writing practice as an oasis of creativity and joy?
  • How did she make her writing practice doable, even when she’s usually prone to overwhelm?
  • What did Isabel do to help keep herself on track and stop getting absorbed into what was going on externally?
  • The traps of comparison, impatience and frustration with ourselves, and how not to fall into it (Hint: by choosing to write in a soul-aligned way)
  • Why do you need to connect with your joy, your authentic voice, the energetic essence and the Spirit of your book?
  • When life got in the way and threw her a few curveballs along the writing journey, what did she do? How did she navigate that?
  • What’s been pivotal for her writing process? (Hint: it’s never a financial thing)
  • How did she let go of the self-imposed time pressure when she didn’t get it done in the timeline that she had initially wanted?
  • 2 things that Isabel found most helpful and essential in receiving my coaching support, without which her book would have never got done
  • How did she overcome the fear of criticism and of putting herself and her ideas out there, not knowing what others might say?

If you know you have a book in you, but you feel overwhelmed and daunted by the whole process of bringing it into form, or you have nagging doubts about the value of your own voice and what you have to share, listen to this interview.

I promise, you will find so many practical, applicable nuggets of wisdom that can be of use right away for your writing journey.

About Isabel Carter: Isabel started practicing yoga regularly 30 years ago and has been teaching Dru Yoga and Meditation full time for 20 years. She has also been teaching others to be Dru Yoga teachers since 2006. You can find out more about her in person and online classes here:

Link to purchase The Wellness Almanac: 366 Days of Well-Being

It’s very well-rounded, encompassing different areas of wellness from movements, sleep, nutrition, breathing, to living in harmony with the seasons, connection with the internal organs. Very practical, accessible and easy to implement – so, no, you don’t have to be a yoga practitioner to follow it!