Ever struggled to remember a dream after waking up?

Thoughts are the building blocks of Reality.

They seem so solid, and yet, have you ever tried to remember a dream after waking up, but it dissolves away like smoke, slipping through your fingers, and whittles down to nothing? Within minutes of waking up, you can’t remember, let alone hold onto what you were hallucinating about.

This is how thoughts are. This is the nature of the substance that they’re made of: ephemeral, slippery, dissolvable like smoke. 

We anchor them in place by holding on to the same thoughts, rehearsing them day in day out in our heads, until the frequently-fired neural pathways create their own well-worn grooves that make them seem so solid and real. 

Sydney Banks said that Thought is the rudder of the ship of your life.

If you follow the direction of depressive, self-critical, despair thoughts, you’re going to end up with a life compatible with those thoughts. 

There’s a totally different reality available, on offer, if you choose to listen to and follow the direction of loving, kind, encouraging thoughts. The ship of your life will take a much different course and trajectory when steered by a different rudder.

What if, starting from today, you could have an experiment of listening and acting only on thoughts that feel loving, kind and supportive? 

What luminescent waters will your ship chart? 

Bon voyage!