My soul exhales words; my fingertips are lung cells.

Alice Whitehead

Elora is a beautiful embodiment of the divine feminine energy, with a strong connection to Spirit and a profound relationship with the natural world. She is a talented weaver of words and I always enjoy reading her works!

Mia Paul

Elora will embrace you unreservedly and completely in friendship, mentorship and community.
A feminine force sowing the alchemical seeds and frequencies of the celestial and human experience.
An intimate tactician for the harmonisation of the mind and soul.
A blessed friend and reciprocal mentor that has my heart.

Zac Hawkes

Elora’s authentic nature is a breath of fresh air for our world today. She holds a divine essence of pure love, joy, beauty and wisdom, which makes her an absolute pleasure to be around.

We could all benefit from having someone like Elora in our life. She is a leading light of inspiration and hope for all who are looking to deepen their connection with their own uniqueness and magic. Thank you Elora for being just the way you are.

Rachel Singleton

Having Elora’s support as I write my current book The Conscious Practitioner is proving to be the most beautiful experience.

One thing that I continue to feel amazed and gladdened by every time is the way she clarifies, and brings more deeply into form, that which I am trying to say. It feels like she does something mystical and alchemical that causes my burgeoning insights and revelations to truly ‘land’. As I talk to her, I am aware that my ideas are still coming into being, still manifesting, still finding their way into words – and then she plucks them and brings them in more fully. It is extraordinary. Elora constantly and unwaveringly does this! She has an extraordinary gift of listening for and alchemically ‘translating’ the formless into form.  I love that I can trust this to happen whenever I speak to her about another area of the book that I am exploring.


Jo Dyer

Within 10 months of starting to work with Elora, my book was finished and in the process of being prepared for publication. How wonderful is that?
Initially, I thought my book would take me at least another 2 or 3 years. I also felt that it was something separate from my work, therefore, finding time to work on the book felt heavy and daunting.
With Elora’s help, I discovered a way to integrate writing the book with my business that feels so natural, aligned, and really exciting. I felt so much more in love with my book and the process of creating it.
During the time I worked with Elora, I felt really connected to my creativity and my life changed. [This created] such a huge wave of positive energy that would produce new ideas, create more possibilities; not just for writing this book, but for more books and other projects related to my business. My book, my business and my life became one and the same. I delivered my first online retreat and created a new physical product that I’ve actually started to sell!
It was as if I stepped into a totally new landscape of my life – a landscape that was so spacious and expansive and very exciting.
Elora has incredible intuitive ability which enables her to ask you the most pertinent and very useful questions that invite you to play with and explore your ideas, your blocks and resistance. She is also warm-hearted, open and has an infectious effervescent energy. Elora uses some great visualisations to help you connect with your creativity and your project. I found that every session brought valuable insights and was really motivational.

I Ate Nothing for One Week…

???? 7 DAYS OF LIQUIDS ????

I’ve just finished my 7 days of only liquids: 4 days on only water and some flower teas, and 3 days with coconut water and juices.

On day 8, I slowly transitioned back to solid food with only fruits – some dragonfruit and bitter orange.

Wow, who would’ve thought I could go for a week without eating?

I’d never thought I’d lasted this long. I love eating so much, especially when I can get away with eating so much more than my body needs without gaining weight! Except, I do have to pay for it in other – quite unpleasant – ways. Cue gut health issues and inflammation.

I’m writing this very comprehensive post both for myself and for those who might be curious to do a fast. Here’s what I’ll be sharing:

????The Experience
????The Benefits I’ve Received
????The Insights and Revelations
????The Factors that made it a success + My Recommendations
????Body Awareness

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The Unexpected Gift of Your Creative Brainchild

Nobody reads my book in one sitting.

It just dawns on me that this book is not a page turner. No one reads it cover to cover all at once. All of the feedback I’ve received has been, “Reading your book slowly, very deep and needs to be read gently,” or “Very indulgent, I want to savor it” (coming from a software programmer!)

This feedback opens up a remembering in me, a remembering that there is a part of me, deep within, that is slow, sensual, savoring life with each tender breath, luxuriating in each moment, trembling ever so gently with each palpitating motion of life.

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No One Should Care What You Have To Say

September 2018, in the umpteenth attempt yet again to write my book, I grumpily asked myself, “Who needs to read this book anyway? Why should anyone care about what I have to say?”

It was an early morning, and I was sitting in bed looking out to the back garden through the glass window. As soon as that question arose, a yellow hummingbird landed on a green leaf and started singing. Out of nowhere, this voice whispered in my ear, “The songbird sings because Creator has a song that Creator wants you to hear.”

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