The Unexpected Gift of Your Creative Brainchild

Nobody reads my book in one sitting.

It just dawns on me that this book is not a page turner. No one reads it cover to cover all at once. All of the feedback I’ve received has been, “Reading your book slowly, very deep and needs to be read gently,” or “Very indulgent, I want to savor it” (coming from a software programmer!)

This feedback opens up a remembering in me, a remembering that there is a part of me, deep within, that is slow, sensual, savoring life with each tender breath, luxuriating in each moment, trembling ever so gently with each palpitating motion of life.

Somehow, I’ve forgotten it recently. Lately I’ve been a lot more like a fast and furious octopus with its tentacles spreading in all directions, ready to grasp, clutch, swallow, devour and gobble up any fun and excitement. I go at dynamite speed, enthusiastically jumping onto the next promise of adventure, peak experience, or achievement. I’m ready to start creating the next thing. Come on, let’s get on it!

As they say, children have a life of their own, and sometimes parents can learn much from their own kids. My book – my creative brainchild – is now an independent being with an intelligence of its own, and its wondrous intelligence has just reminded me of who I am, the deeper essence that has given birth to itself. The book would not exist today without me sitting inside that sweet, slow, sensual space within and allowing that essence to unfurl and express into words.

Through the mirror of reflection from others, my own brainchild has reminded me of what lies deep within my inner being, my true nature, its origin: A magnificent, nourishing, magical place. And with that, comes an invitation to gently fall back into that space… not necessarily all the time, but remembering that it is there gives me the option to fall back there anytime I choose. It’s a vertical orientation of plunging deep into the ocean floor instead of extending horizontally all over the water surface. A different dimension of exploration for the octopus in me. Ah, yes, this, too, is available!

Thank you all for your generous feedback and reflection. I wrote the book for my own pleasure and enjoyment, yet it has touched and moved many others, and now has become a gift back to myself. Creating for the pure joy of expression has the potential to change our life more thoroughly and miraculously than anytime we try to do it with an agenda in mind.

Creating something from your heart and your Genius, for the pure joy of expression, is a gift that keeps on giving. At some point, you’ll start losing track of all the treasures it brings to your life.

What are you creating today?