The Only Gap that Needs Tending

There’s your Soul frequency – how your Soul feels about things, your Soul’s perspective on things, and then there’s your personality frequency – your human self’s perspective, how it feels, views and perceives things.

In any matter of life, whether it’s health, travel, relationship, finances, or business, there are always these 2 frequencies.

As long as you stay at the human self frequency, you’ll always feel that something’s off with your life, that there’s a gap or a misalignment in life. 

That’s because you’re meant to align with your Soul frequency and your Inner Being’s perspective. This is what you’re here to do. The more you align with your Soul’s frequency and perspective on any matter of life, the more resourced, capable, and at peace you’ll feel. You’ll feel infinitely better and have infinitely better results.

Ever wondered why? 

Because Soul is Divine Intelligence. The more you align with this Intelligence and Divine Perspective, the closer you will be to Source – the brilliance, the perfection, the ingenuity. 

This gap or rift is the only thing you ever need to tend to in your life. It is the only patch of soil that needs watering and caring, and it’ll take care of the entire garden of your joy, happiness and peace of mind.