My soul exhales words; my fingertips are lung cells.

Helen Turier

In our first session, Elora pulled out the clarity and consistency in the message of my book. The creative ways she used have opened my mind to gems of brilliance inside the book that I wasn’t aware were there before. She also strengthened my commitment to getting it done!

In our ongoing time together, she helps me overcome blocks, barriers, limiting beliefs, allowing me to tap into creativity and also holding me accountable for the goals I have set for myself. She’s helped me create a clear structure for the book to flow coherently as well as several ways to make it more compelling for readers.

With Elora’s creativity and intuition, I have become more creative and playful in the writing. Now I’ve got a deeper, richer book that’s more inspirational and helpful to my audience.

Rachel Singleton

Having Elora’s support as I write my current book The Conscious Practitioner is proving to be the most beautiful experience.

One thing that I continue to feel amazed and gladdened by every time is the way she clarifies, and brings more deeply into form, that which I am trying to say. It feels like she does something mystical and alchemical that causes my burgeoning insights and revelations to truly ‘land’. As I talk to her, I am aware that my ideas are still coming into being, still manifesting, still finding their way into words – and then she plucks them and brings them in more fully. It is extraordinary. Elora constantly and unwaveringly does this! She has an extraordinary gift of listening for and alchemically ‘translating’ the formless into form.  I love that I can trust this to happen whenever I speak to her about another area of the book that I am exploring.


Jo Dyer

Within 10 months of starting to work with Elora, my book was finished and in the process of being prepared for publication. How wonderful is that?
Initially, I thought my book would take me at least another 2 or 3 years. I also felt that it was something separate from my work, therefore, finding time to work on the book felt heavy and daunting.
With Elora’s help, I discovered a way to integrate writing the book with my business that feels so natural, aligned, and really exciting. I felt so much more in love with my book and the process of creating it.
During the time I worked with Elora, I felt really connected to my creativity and my life changed. [This created] such a huge wave of positive energy that would produce new ideas, create more possibilities; not just for writing this book, but for more books and other projects related to my business. My book, my business and my life became one and the same. I delivered my first online retreat and created a new physical product that I’ve actually started to sell!
It was as if I stepped into a totally new landscape of my life – a landscape that was so spacious and expansive and very exciting.
Elora has incredible intuitive ability which enables her to ask you the most pertinent and very useful questions that invite you to play with and explore your ideas, your blocks and resistance. She is also warm-hearted, open and has an infectious effervescent energy. Elora uses some great visualisations to help you connect with your creativity and your project. I found that every session brought valuable insights and was really motivational.

Danielle Malone

“I came to Elora seeking help to get past a mental block on working on my [project]. I was feeling a lot of shame and embarrassment; it was like a a huge mountain that I couldn’t ever hope to surpass. At the end of the call, the same task seems like a mini-adventure… a tiny snack… chocolate… nourishment… something I can enjoy immediately. I feel comfy, safe, warm and smiling just thinking about it.

If I had to describe the session in one word, it would be: Progress. After the call, I see measurable signs of progress. I did things very differently from what I would normally do. A lot has changed. I feel rested, calm and at ease. I got confidence and focus.

If you’re looking to make definite, practical changes in your projects and in need of someone who is as firm and direct, as she is supportive and caring, you’ll benefit from working with Elora.”

Jane Morley

“Elora was very intuitive and led me to clarity quickly. She helped me feel peaceful yet courageous and powerful. I regularly tap into my Higher Self but never fully embodied it within, but with Elora’s guidance I feel that it’s been integrated in my body. I have become more whole and expansive energetically and can now really feel and “see” the beauty and power of my essential self…..this is a beautiful gift I can draw strength from in my work with women on their journey to motherhood. There is no reason to hold back or be scared anymore of who I really am.

I experience waves of gratitude for Elora’s wisdom and support. Anyone who wishes to be more confident and embrace their true creative power would benefit from working with her.”

Phil Goddard

“In the immediate weeks after our session, I signed on a new client who appeared out of nowhere as if Spirit sent them to me. I wasn’t even aware that they existed; they just showed up. Also, since then, feedback from all other existing clients has been: “OMG, your coaching is amazing.”

Before working with Elora, I was entertaining so many ideas about what I could do in my business, which were simply distractions and out of alignment, taking me away from what I REALLY want to do. Now, my work feels very different to me. I’ve gotten back in touch with what it is about my work that excites me. I’ve gotten crystal clear on what I’m doing. I’m now inspired, energized to take actions, and more focused in my business, as I’ve let go of other ideas that weren’t in alignment with what’s in my heart.

What Elora does so well is helping me to be spiritually aligned in my business, which is bringing my whole heart and soul into it. In doing so, I’m in full flow with the creative energy of the universe and harnessing its focused potent force.”

Lars Dierauer

“Working with Elora brings me a lot of clarity. I’m always so much more enthusiastic and excited about my business after our sessions.

She has the ability to see vital information and boil it down to the crux of the matter. She’s helped me highlight my unique gifts and share them in a clear, simple way that resonates deeply with me.

I highly recommend Elora for finding clarity in your offerings and getting a structure for your next steps in fully expressing what you’re here for.”

Tracey Schmidt

“Elora gave me new ways of seeing myself and my energy as I work with clients.  I am now using this information in both course creation and marketing content.  It also brings me ideas for a logo, inspired from her visions and completely on target.  Her insights are practical, based on her extensive business and marketing experience, as well as soulful as she connects with spirit.  She communicates everything with grace and authentic truth.

Working with Elora is an absolute treat and necessity if your business isn’t where you want it to be. If you want to reach a bigger audience and attract more clients, talk to Elora!”

Alice Whitehead

“Elora is a deeply intuitive soul who brings a light, playful energy to those she meets, perfectly combined with her strong sense of direction and drive. She is also wonderfully creative, able to birth her dreams into form and support others to make progress with their projects. Thank you for being you Elora, and for sharing your incredible gifts with us.”

Caroline Tremayne

“My Creative Inception session with Elora was a powerful process that gave me a broader overview and aerial shot of what I’ve created to date, the potentiality of my vision, and practical functionality in the marketplace.

It has allowed my creativity to flourish, giving me the confidence and clarity with a simple step-by-step process to actualize my vision and bring it to life, emerging on the online world platform.

It’s great to have an idea and a want to make a difference in the world, but it takes a team of like-minded people to assist in this creative process, birthing something that once was intangible into physical form.

As they say, “it takes a village to raise a child”; it took Elora to assist me and identify the next steps for me to take to arrive at completion.

Thank you Elora for enabling me to bring my dream and vision to life.”