My soul exhales words; my fingertips are lung cells.

I am changing my name

Name changing is a process that’s been taking me months. I’ve come from dreading it, worrying sick about what people might think of me, being afraid of being judged for it, to now feeling like it’s the most simple, obvious, natural thing in the world. It’s pure alignment for me. And when it’s true for my soul and it’s pure alignment, resisting it is so much more hard work than allowing its most natural expression.

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What’s most exciting for my clients

(Especially the ones who were too busy to write their books…)

During the long lockdown in the UK in the pandemic, a client of mine was feeling very stagnant, but putting materials together for her book got her energy flowing again. She felt joy, vibrant, excited, proud of herself. She experienced a shift into happiness. This energy is magical.

I’m so excited for my clients when they’re plugged in to the stream of their creative energy, when they’re connected with it, swimming in it, basking in it, and letting it flow through them. That energy is joyful, nourishing, revitalizing, rejuvenating.

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Are you seeded with a Book?

Dear author-to-be,

When the idea, the seed of the book comes to you, you might be shaking.
You might be shaken by its enormity and power.

It’s big, deep, potent.

You’ll be like, “Wooowww. OMG.”

And you’ll have this acute awareness, this keen sense of knowing that YOU are being appointed to bring it into the world.

It’s a Divine appointment. You’re being asked to do it, and you have no other choice but to say Yes.

It’s the only thing that feels right.

To do anything otherwise is to run away from this Divine rightful thing, this Divine Destiny that’s waiting for you on your highest timeline.

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Life is too short to write a book that you don’t love writing

In a coaching session last week, a client told me she wasn’t feeling too excited about a section of the book that she would need to write.

She knew it would be beneficial to include this section for the readers, however, the way to go about it had felt dreadful and felt like something she needed to do rather than enjoy, so she’d been procrastinating on it for a couple weeks.

In less than half an hour, we have found a way to write this section that feels totally enjoyable, exciting, and super aligned for her. Now she’s even looking forward to it! We even see ways in which this could dovetail so beautifully into the sharing of the book later on with a larger audience.

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Why things feel hard (and not *the* kind of hard we desire!)

I notice that, in my intimate relationship, the times when things feel easeful and flowing between us are exactly the times when we spend more time BEING with each other, whether living in close proximity or consciously choosing to make time to be together. The importance here is that we spend *quality* time together to nourish and nurture our connection. It feels as if when we’re together and not mentally preoccupied, our energetic fields start harmonizing and synchronizing, doing all the heavy lifting work for us.

In contrast, the times when things feel really hard are those times when we live far apart, sometimes tens of thousands of miles across the globe, sometimes an hour through horrendous traffic, or when one or both of us have other priorities going on that we become “too busy.” And then, when we finally get together, if we unconsciously choose to use that time to just talk and process the stuff in our heads – which is almost a default – things get even harder (and not *the* kind of hard that we desire!! )

This seeing has brought me a whole new revelation for our relationship with the Muse and with Writing.

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“I don’t think that fiction writing is for me.”

“I don’t think that fiction writing is for me.”

A lady at my local writers’ group said bitterly, with a hint of disappointment in her voice. She had been working on a novel for quite some time now, and upon being asked how that was going, her posture slumped and she admitted defeat.

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I Ate Nothing for One Week…

???? 7 DAYS OF LIQUIDS ????

I’ve just finished my 7 days of only liquids: 4 days on only water and some flower teas, and 3 days with coconut water and juices.

On day 8, I slowly transitioned back to solid food with only fruits – some dragonfruit and bitter orange.

Wow, who would’ve thought I could go for a week without eating?

I’d never thought I’d lasted this long. I love eating so much, especially when I can get away with eating so much more than my body needs without gaining weight! Except, I do have to pay for it in other – quite unpleasant – ways. Cue gut health issues and inflammation.

I’m writing this very comprehensive post both for myself and for those who might be curious to do a fast. Here’s what I’ll be sharing:

????The Experience
????The Benefits I’ve Received
????The Insights and Revelations
????The Factors that made it a success + My Recommendations
????Body Awareness

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The Unexpected Gift of Your Creative Brainchild

Nobody reads my book in one sitting.

It just dawns on me that this book is not a page turner. No one reads it cover to cover all at once. All of the feedback I’ve received has been, “Reading your book slowly, very deep and needs to be read gently,” or “Very indulgent, I want to savor it” (coming from a software programmer!)

This feedback opens up a remembering in me, a remembering that there is a part of me, deep within, that is slow, sensual, savoring life with each tender breath, luxuriating in each moment, trembling ever so gently with each palpitating motion of life.

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No One Should Care What You Have To Say

September 2018, in the umpteenth attempt yet again to write my book, I grumpily asked myself, “Who needs to read this book anyway? Why should anyone care about what I have to say?”

It was an early morning, and I was sitting in bed looking out to the back garden through the glass window. As soon as that question arose, a yellow hummingbird landed on a green leaf and started singing. Out of nowhere, this voice whispered in my ear, “The songbird sings because Creator has a song that Creator wants you to hear.”

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